In line with the "Human First" principle;

Our basic Human Resources policy is to prepare an environment where all our employees will work efficiently and where relationships are based on mutual respect and trust.

Our aim; As Sinerji Group, we aim to achieve great success together and rise together with our company.

Synergy Group does its job devotedly; It is a community of people who are open to development, improvement and innovation.

The performance evaluation system applied in the Synergy Group is transparent; It is a system where the superior subordinate evaluates, the subordinate expresses his opinion and the evaluation is terminated by mutual negotiations between the subordinate and the superior.

An employee's performance; Different data such as training, adaptation to the company, change, and efforts to increase personal performance are evaluated and evaluated. The education system consists of two main categories. The trainings in the first category are aimed at providing the employee with skills that can be used immediately at the end of the training. We call these "technical" or "functional" trainings. The trainings in the second category are; These are trainings aiming to equip the employee with a set of information and to demonstrate personal development in the long term. These trainings; It includes personal or corporate development training.

In line with career planning, "manager development programs" are carried out, aiming for employees to gain knowledge, skills and new perspectives on management approach.